Who is Dottore Genshin Impact and who are they?

Who is Dottore Genshin Impact and who are they?

In the world of Genshin Impact there are multiple organizations and factions, each with its own goals and agenda. Although most are motivated by protecting their nation, the Fatui seem to be more concerned about spreading chaos and contempt in Teyvat. And within the Fatui organization, there is one particularly dangerous man who only views people as experimental objects to pursue scientific progress—Il Dottore, The Doctor of the Fatui Harbingers.

Dottore spoilers for Minor Genshin Impact are below.

The Doctor, Il Dottore

Although the Doctor is not yet in the game’s final chapter, the Genshin Impact manga gives enough information to give an idea of the kind of person this Harbinger might be. Dottore is an enigmatic, ruthless man with one singular goal—to Create advanced humans capable of surpassing even the gods. He doesn’t hesitate to use people in his inhumane experiments. His inhumane behavior led him to be chased from his hometown.

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Dottore later joined the Sumeru AcademyHowever, his peers still considered him a monster and madman. Pierro approached him and offered to be his friend. Pierro offered a proposal that the doctor could not refuse and promised endless resources to Dottore for his cruel experiments. This proposal was accepted by the mad scientist, which led to severe consequences for Teyvat’s residents.

Although he prefers to stay behind the scenes, the Doctor has had an impact on many events in Genshin Impact. Dottore joined the Fatui shortly after he was born. Single-handedly defeated Ursa Drake and made Mondstadt indebted to the Fatui organization. He was the one who lured Ursa to Mondstadt. However, this act was only a ruse. The Doctor, however, also Diluc’s father believed a delusionThis led to his untimely passing.

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Dottore is not content with these vile acts. Multiple research facilities have been built that are filled with Ruin Guardians throughout Teyvat. His machine-skill is unmatched. He can turn humans into Ruin Guard like monsters. His vast intellect led to what is arguably his greatest scientific claim to fame so far—Scaramouche’s Body Modification Unlocking his hidden potential.

Dottore seems to have inherited his ability with machines from his father. Hated for visions, viewing vision-wielders as self-righteous egotists. He prefers science over the divine and prefers to rely only on science. We don’t know much about Il Dottore, but Genshin Impact can definitely feel the effects of his actions. The Doctor is dangerous and deranged, and will prove to be a major problem for the Traveler as well as Paimon.

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