What can you do with One Robux?

What can you do with One Robux?

Most people will have multiple Robux in their accounts. It is very rare to have only one Robuck (the unique form of Robux). What if you are one Robuck? What if you don’t know when you will get more Robux?

All Things for One Robux

As you might imagine, there aren’t many options if you have only one Robuck. Below is a list of your options when you have no money and really want to buy Roblox merch.

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No cost items

While technically it’s a trick answer, it’s still important to mention for those players not yet aware. Many items in the Avatar Shop are available for free. You can even find promo codesEvents that allow you to get some items for a fraction of the price of Robux


Roblox offers only two clothing options. These are the Jeans or the Black Slacks. Roblox may offer more Roblox clothing in the future.

We are not able to confirm whether there are clothing, accessories or other items that could be included in random games.

You want to learn more about Roblox You can find out more about Roblox at How to get the Gothicutie outfit set in Roblox Royale High?Cheaterboss.net

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