How to make Latex in Minecraft Education Edition

How to make Latex in Minecraft Education Edition

For Minecraft Education Edition to create Latex, you must make at least five Carbons and eight Hydrogen. 

Both of these materials can be made by using an element builder, which will require creative mode. 

You can give yourself creative mode by typing /gamemode creative into the console – after you get creative mode, find the constructor and place it.

Grab a compound creator while looking for an element constructor. You will need it to make latex.

You will need to activate the education mode in Bedrock Minecraft before you can access the builder or compound creator. This step can be skipped if you have an official education mode account.

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When you create a new Minecraft world, you’ll need to access the settings of your existing world in order for Minecraft Bedrock to activate education mode. You can also activate education mode on already created worlds using the world setting options.

You can access your world’s options by hitting the pen icon right next to world size and the date it was created. Scroll down until you find cheats. If you see cheats, activate both cheats or education edition. Do this now, as shown below.

Cheats and Education Mode can both be enabled. This will enable you to access all Minecraft Education Edition content. You will also have the ability to make latex in Minecraft.

After activating both creativity mode and education mode, grab the creator/constructor and place them both on the ground.

Once the element constructor is installed, you can open it up to create Carbon and Hydrogen. You will need to place the appropriate amounts of protons and neutrons as well as electrons using the sliders at the left.

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ElementProtonsElectrons NeutronsCarbonSixSixAt least five or up to eightHydrogenOneOneOne or two

Once you have made both Hydrogen and Carbon, access your compound constructor to place at least five Carbons and eight Hydrogen in order to create Latex in Minecraft.

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