Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft is well-known for its low resolution, pixel-like textures. This look is loved by many, but others had different ideas. Soon, hundreds upon hundreds of different texture packs were made. These are our top picks for Minecraft texture packs.

Sphax PureBDCraft

Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack is one of the most widely used in Minecraft. The texture pack’s purpose is to give Minecraft a comic-book feel. They have also added animation to some blocks like Soul Sand and Glowstone!



Have you ever wished Minecraft could feel medieval? Dokucraft gives Minecraft the feel of a blocky Skyrim. There are three versions of Dokucraft: High, Light, and Dark. Each pack brings its own unique flavor to the game.



The perfect texture pack is Faithful for players who love the default pack, but want a bit more detail. This pack retains the same basic structure as the default pack but adds much more detail to each block. This pack makes it feel like you’re playing Minecraft remastered.


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Chroma Hills

This RPG texture set has a cartoon-inspired twist. This texture pack features more detail than other textures. The texture pack is not designed to achieve photorealism. Its greatest features are its weapons and tools, which offer a unique perspective of classic designs.


LB Photo Realism Reload

Known also as LBPR, this HD textures pack may be the best because of its many years of hard work. This texture pack aims for photorealism and high-definition textures. This texture pack is for those who enjoy survival in a more pixelated world. However, you don’t want your hardware to be overclocked.


Here are our top picks of the best Minecraft texture pack. You don’t have to settle for a particular texture pack if you don’t like it. There are tons of other packs that you can choose from. The best Minecraft texture pack is one that you love the most.

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