Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft servers are so popular that it can be difficult to identify good or bad servers. We will be covering all the Prison mod-equipped servers we have found. This means that we will include Megaservers with excellent Prison sections instead of focusing on Prison only servers.

To determine the best Prison servers, we considered popularity, rating, difficulty, variety, and other factors. This list will show you the best prison setups. But, we are always open for more options. You can message us if you believe a Prison server is worthy of being on this list. [email protected]!

The Shortlist

  • MCPrison:
  • Purple Prison:
  • Wild Prison:
  • OPBlocks:
  • MCCentral:

We want to make it clear before we continue: They are not in any particular order. It is up to you to decide what makes something the best.

Best Minecraft Servers

We have given the IP and a screen shot or trailer as well as a description of each server to help you understand what to expect.



MCPrison was created when Minecraft became popular. MCPrison has been around since Minecraft became popular. They have updated the prison server to include all the features of the most well-known prison servers but in a more tidy and organized manner. You can rank up by using the robots you see above. They offer frequent updates, revamp their servers with new features every few months, and even include popular YouTubers on their servers!

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Purple Prison

Server IP:

Purple Prison is the most well-known jail server. It seems to be replacing many other popular servers. Although some people may initially find the server overwhelming, they will soon realize that it is worth it once they get used to it. The server provides all the gear players need to get started. It’s no surprise that many players stay with it until they reach the top.

Wild Prison

Server IP

Wild Prison gives you a perk not available to other servers: pets. This distinguishes it from all other Prison servers (including some on this page). It might be a plus that the server does not have a large maximum player count. This makes it easier for players to understand what is happening in chat. Wild Prison is an excellent choice for players who enjoy the traditional Prison server experience.



Wild Prison’s prison server is in the opposite direction. OPBlocks takes it a step further. The prison server on OPBlocks has a candy theme and incredible builds that will appeal to anyone who loves sweets. Due to the extremely fast mining speed, players often feel that their character has been given a lot. Its theme is what sets it apart, as very few prison servers are completely dedicated to this atmosphere.

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Server IP

We chose to include MCCentral because of its simplicity. While some players may be okay with hyper-sensory server that offer a lot of perks and complex mechanics, MCCentral is more appealing to players who prefer to take their time and keep it simple. There are still many perks and extra features available, but they are not too difficult to understand.

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