All “A Drunkard’s Tale” series locations in Genshin Impact

All “A Drunkard’s Tale” series locations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has a lot of great content. You can learn more about Teyvat by reading the books, fiction or not. The book series A Drunkard’s Tale can be fun to read and earns you an achievement.

It is easy to locate A Drunkard’s Story, as all volumes are in one place. Mondstadt. This series is split into the Knight’s of Favonius HeadquartersThe Dawn WineryIt is easy to find these items if you know where to search. There are many. four volumes All of them will be yours, and you’ll receive them when you collect them.Achievements e The Drunkard, and the Wolf.

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Here’s how you can get A Drunkard’s Tale

  • Volume One: The first floor is the Mondstadt Library.
  • Volume Two: The inside of the Dawn WineryOn the table, books are piled high.
  • Volume Three: The inside of the Dawn WineryIn the corner, on a bookshelf.
  • Volume 4:At the bottom of the Mondstadt Library.

Make sure you take all books from the library or winery with you. This will allow you to save time on other book-related tasks.

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